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The Heart of Leadership – with Magnus Groth

SCA’s leadership style was recently profiled in a webinar targeting students and young professionals around the world. During the event, Magnus Groth discussed why there was such a strong drive to ensure all employees within the company reach their full potential and also shared some of the more unusual aspects of his journey to becoming CEO and President of SCA.

People from a number of different countries joined the online conversation, entitled ‘The Heart of Leadership’, to learn about Magnus’ journey to leadership, his personal leadership style, who he thinks of as inspirational leaders and what it is like to be a leader in SCA.

View the webinar on YouTube or on www.sca.com/lifeInspiringWebinars. 

Thought-provoking Q&A

Some of the interested questions raised, including a summary of Magnus’ response:

Q: Who inspires you a leader?

A: It is not necessarily the leaders who make the headlines that inspire me but rather those that run successful and ethically sound businesses. Also, inspiring leaders build strong teams who strive for a common goal.

Q: What do you value in leaders within SCA?

A: High performance is critical but so is great team work, courage and a commitment to attracting and developing great talent. Excellent leaders are open minded, eager to learn and have the courage to make decisions in an open and transparent way.

Key takeaways

-          Sometimes you need to try things before you find the right place for yourself.

-          SCA is open for you to drive your own career and development

-          There is a higher purpose to what we do at SCA because our work in the area of health and hygiene helps improve people’s lives all over the world.

About the webinar series

As part of our work on Employer Attractiveness in SCA we have been offering a series of webinars to students and young professionals from around the globe to interface with SCA. These cover a range of topics, such as our Graduate GO program, why Sales and Marketing in SCA are attractive careers and the one just run on Leadership. For more information, please contact cathy.andreasson@sca.com.